Sunday, November 30, 2008

CHE: Young Librarians, Talkin' 'Bout Their Generation

Up-and-comers discuss what will change and what needs to change

Chronicle of Higher Education / Information Technology / Volume 54, Issue 8, Page A28


Most people are familiar with the stereotype of librarians. They are twenty- or thirtysomethings, with tattoos, cat's-eye glasses, and vintage clothes, schmoozing with famous authors, and playing DJ at parties in Brooklyn.


Whether young librarians are hip or dowdy doesn't matter. What matters is what they think about the future of the library, particularly at academic institutions.

Libraries are facing a series of immense challenges: the explosion of information, a rapidly changing technological environment, shrinking budgets, pitched battles over copyright, a new world of information literacy, and continuing deficiencies in old-fashioned literacy.


This month The Chronicle contacted eight librarians under 40 and asked them a series of questions about the future of their profession, including: [snip]

What is the future of the book? / Will there be a reference desk — yes or no? / What information services will be performed by libraries in the future, and what information services will be performed by companies and nonprofit groups? / Should the relationship between libraries and publishers change? If so, how? / Does the library profession need to diversify and draw from different populations? / What is one thing that libraries are doing right, and one thing that libraries are doing wrong? / How well did your library-science education prepare you for the field today? / What will the academic library look like in the future?

Here is what they said ………….................................


Companion Audio Interviews: Young Librarians Discuss the Future of Their Profession


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