Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reference Notes Blog Launched

The Reference Notes blog was formally established on
November 15 2008.

Reference Notes is devoted to providing profiles of significant or substantive developments and news of potential interest to Reference and Research Librarians worldwide.
Resources and sources of potential interest to the Iowa State University community will be a particular focus.


Roger Owen Green said...

"In any effort to reduce my e-footprint, I have decided to significantly
reduce my posting of news items to The Various e-Lists."

e-footprint: Very funny

Mohamed Taher said...

Gerry and Roger:
Both of you are wise. Its good that we post what we want and give people a link to lead, read &/or move on, as they like it.

Disseminating is our passion, but loading the discussions forums with links they can't / may not be able to get it when they want, is a problem. And, I have ten blogs with a similar intention to post whatever I see as interesting and leave the audience to bookmark it or to move ahead with something better.
Best wishes