Monday, November 17, 2008

TRAIL: Technical Reports Archives and Image Library

TRAIL is a Greater Western Library Alliance initiative lead by the University of Arizona in collaboration with the Center for Research Libraries and other interested supporting agencies to identify, digitize, archive, and provide persistent and unrestricted access to federal technical reports issued prior to 1975.

Project Rationale: Technical reports are a means of communicating the progress of research in fields of technology and science; they are used to communicate information for technical development throughout industry and throughout research institutions contributing to the continued development and growth of science and technology. These reports are highly detailed and contain valuable information serving specialized audiences of researchers. While availability and access to more recent (1994-current) technical report literature has greatly improved with delivery via the Internet, legacy technical report documents remain elusive to researchers. Most large research libraries across the country have sizeable collections of federally funded technical research reports—frequently a million or more reports ranging from several pages to several hundred pages. However, these collections, particularly legacy collections, are often difficult to identify and locate ... .

Pilot Project: The Pilot Project currently contains the following report series: NBS Monograph Series. Major contributions to the technical literature on various subjects related to the National Bureau of Standards and published between 1959 and 1982. These detailed reports include materials data, mathematical functions, time series, diffraction patterns, measurements, standards, methods and much more. Most of the data provided is from direct measurements. This series of technical reports is highly referenced with more than 2000 citations found in Web of Science alone. [snip]


Committee Roster (By Institution)

Sinai Wood / Baylor University /
Michael Culbertson /Colorado State University /
Marie Waltz / College and Research Libraries /
Jim Dildine / GWLA Program Officer /
Alice Trussell / Kansas State University /
John Phillips / Oklahoma State University /
Esther Crawford / Rice University /
Maliaca Oxnam (Chair) / University of Arizona /
Patricia Kirkwood / University of Arkansas /
Margaret Jobe / University of Colorado, Boulder /
Martha Chantiny / University of Hawaii at Manoa /
Dan Barkley / University of New Mexico /
Daureen Nesdill / University of Utah /
Mel DeSart / University of Washington /

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