Friday, January 30, 2009

Wimba In Libraries


On Thursday January 29 2009, I attended presentation about Wimba and its various features, functionalities, and uses, sponsored by Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT):

Adding Virtual Collaboration to Your Courses Using Wimba Classroom and Wimba Voice Tools

Wimba Voice is a web-based voice solution that facilitates and promotes vocal instruction, collaboration, coaching, and assessment. Wimba Classroom is currently being pilot tested for potential use by ISU instructors. All Wimba tools are fully integrated with the ISU WebCT

I Was Quite Impressed Not Only By The Reps But With The Wimba Technology Itself

Wimba is a leading provider of collaborative learning software solutions and services to the Further/Higher Education and K-12 markets. Wimba’s Publishing Services and Solutions are widely adopted in academic publishing.

From its inception almost a decade ago, Wimba has been solely focused on education and committed to harnessing the most powerful element of teaching—the human element—so that facial expressions, vocal intonations, hand gesticulation, real-time discussion, creativity and passion can be conveyed in the on-line learning environment.

The Wimba Collaboration Suite™ of products, which includes – the Wimba Classroom™ virtual learning environment, the Wimba Pronto™ academic messaging platform, the Wimba Voice™ audio tool, and the Wimba Create™ content authoring tool –enables institutions to bridge the gap between technology and pedagogy by supplementing course management systems with the proven disciplines of in-person learning environments.

Wimba’s customers include hundreds of secondary, higher and further education institutions from around the world. Our development efforts center on empowering and equipping the teachers and students of these institutions with real solutions for teaching and learning in the 21st Century.

Wimba is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Cambridge, United Kingdom; and Atlanta, Georgia.


A Demo Is Available (Registration Required)

As Are Events

Meet Wimba at an In-Person Event near you or join us virtually for one of our Distinguished Lecture Series, Wimba Online Workshops presentations, or Live Product or CMS Integration Demo.

And Archived Events

A Customers Page Is Also Available

The Quesion

I Am Greatly Interested In Learning Of Any And All Libraries That Are Currently Using Wimba (For Any And All Services).

I Have Created A Facebook Group To Provide A Forum In Which Current Users As Well As Interested Individuals Can Discuss Wimba And Its Actual And Potential Uses.

The Global Facebook Group Can Be Joined At

In addition to library use of Wimba. I am also interest in the use of other Web Conferencing systems.

The Name Of The Facebook Group created for Wimba has been changed to Web Conferencing in Libraries but has the identical Group ID



Matt Marsteller said...

I was able to use Wimba Classroom in my Gov Docs class last semester. My students were able to give their presentations via the web with a fair amount of success. The one bad thing was when someone didn't use a headset and tried using a microphone and speakers. If they left the microphone on, all we heard was echo echo echo echo echo .....

The other complication was that you really don't share a desktop all the time, so if you give a presentation you have to intersperse your presentation with directions for you audience so that they can follow along. All-in-all, it was a pretty fun experience for all of us.


Anonymous said...

I used Wimba in an online MLS class a year ago. I then used Elluminate a semester later for classes. This pasat semester, I used Elluminate for online conferencing once a week for a digital libraries group. I much prefer Elluminate. Many more features, and much more stable. Wimba crashed a lot.