Saturday, February 7, 2009

Web Conferencing Systems For (Distance) Education?


An associate of mine from our College of Veterinary Medicine is in the process of evaluating Web Conferencing Systems for their Distance Education /Learning program.

In addition to an extensive literature review that I am conducting, he/we greatly are greatly interested in Any and All Personal/ Professional Recommendations of Web Conferencing Systems that others currently are using and/or formerly used for Distance (or Other) Education(al) initiatives.

We are particularly interested in Personal/Professional Comparisons Of Web Conferencing Systems.

Please Post Any and All Recommendation On This Blog Entry and/or On The Wall Of The Facebook Group Devoted To Web Conferencing For Libraries At


BTW: Wikipedia Has A Nice Comparison Chart That Compares Systems:

License / Capacity / Linux / Mac OS X / Microsoft Windows / Audio Support / Video Support / Chat Support / Desktop Sharing Support / Upload PPT / Upload PDF


BTW: Citations/Links To Recent/Key Reports/Literature On Web Conferencing Systems Would Be Most Appreciated / Thanks !!!




TORDE said...

Elluminate Webconferencing tool is excellent ( It has wonderful features that meet the needs of users across all boundaries - low bandwidth, different platforms,etc.


Jon said...

Though I'm very new to using it, DimDim has great functionality, and it's available either free or at a very cheap rate for those who wish to add Library brandings, etc. (

Nicole C Engard said...

We have used WebEx and iLinc. Both are great - but iLinc has a much nicer price tag :)

roy degler said...

I use DimDim for professional meetings, I selected DimDim for two reasons: Has a Moodle plugin, and server is available open source.

I have also used Vyew for online meetings.

I have experience using WebEx and the Microsoft product. There are many WebEx resellers- selling access for $0.19/minute and up. WebEx will be more reliable than a free service like DimDim or Vyew.

Washington State University said...

We recently went through an exercise looking at tools of this type. Although we ultimately went with Centra, because of the session record feature, I was impressed with DimDim for ease of use, price (free), and no downloads for the students. Centra requires a quick file download, which doesn't seem to be a problem for people. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerry,

I am a recent graduate of San Jose State University's School of Library and Information Science, where we used Elluminate for distance learning. I was a student assistant for one semester, helping new students practice with it and become familiar with its features, and I always heard very positive feedback. It's got all the basics: chat, VOIP, whiteboard, breakout rooms, etc. You (or your friend) might want to contact Debbie Faires at SLIS. She is the assistant director for distance learning, and I'm sure she'd be happy to discuss the school's experiences with Elluminate. I'll past a link to her contact info below. Good luck!