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YouTube, and Now We Do Too

Posted / April 7th, 2009 / Matt Raymond

Well, this is a day that has been a long time in coming. The Library of Congress has been working for several months now so that we could “do YouTube right.” When you’re the stewards of the world’s largest collection of audiovisual materials ... nothing less would be expected of you, and our own YouTube channel has now gone public.


We are starting with more than 70 videos, arranged in the following playlists: 2008 National Book Festival author presentations, the Books and Beyond author series, Journeys and Crossings (a series of curator discussions), “Westinghouse” industrial films from 1904 [snip], scholar discussions from the John W. Kluge Center, and the earliest movies made by Thomas Edison, including the first moving image ever mad (curiously enough, a sneeze by a man named Fred Ott).


But this is just the beginning. We have made a conscious decision that we’re not just going to upload a bunch of videos and then walk away. As with our popular Flickr pilot project, we intend to keep uploading additional content. [snip]

Not so incidentally, all of the videos we post on YouTube will also be available at ... [and] on American Memory ... .


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Library of Congress YouTube Playlist

2008 National Book Festival / 13 Videos / View readings from some of your favorite authors, poets and storytellers from the National Book Festival, in Washington DC on Sept. 27, 2008.

Books and Beyond / 2 Videos / Public talks at the Library of Congress by authors of recently-published books, sponsored by the Center for the Book.

Journeys and Crossings / 8 Videos / Bringing to life some of the Library's most exciting and historically significant materials ... .

Early Films: Westinghouse, 1904 / 21 Videos / Classic historic industrial films from the Westinghouse Works, produced in April-May 1904. [snip]

Kluge Center Series: Prominent Scholars on Current Topics / 9 Videos / At the Library's John W. Kluge Center, prominent scholars present public lectures, book talks and workshops as part of the Library's ongoing mission of sharing its knowledge with the public.

Early Films: Edison Companies / 20 Videos / Beginning in the late 1880s, Thomas Edison's labs not only built the equipment for filming and projecting films, but produced popular content for the new medium.


Library of Congress YouTube Playlist


Mobile Learning: Transforming The Delivery Of Education And Training

Mobile Learning: Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training / Edited by Mohamed Ally

Athabasca University Press / March 2009 / 978-1-897425-44-2 (e-book) / 978-1-897425-43-5 (SC) / $39.95

This collection is for anyone interested in the use of mobile technology for various distance learning applications. Readers will discover how to design learning materials for delivery on mobile technology and become familiar with the best practices of other educators, trainers, and researchers in the field, as well as the most recent initiatives in mobile learning research. Businesses and governments can learn how to deliver timely information to staff using mobile devices. Professors can use this book as a textbook for courses on distance education, mobile learning, and educational technology.

Copyright: This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons License. It may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided that the original author is credited.

Download The Entire Book OR Select a Chapter Or Section


PART ONE: Advances in Mobile Learning

Download / Chapter 1: Current State of Mobile Learning / John Traxler

Download / Chapter 2: A Model for Framing Mobile Learning / Marguerite L. Koole

PART TWO: Research on Mobile Learning

Download / Chapter 3 / Mobile Distance Learning with PDAs: Development and Testing of Pedagogical and System Solutions Supporting Mobile Distance Learners / Torstein Rekkedal and Aleksander Dye

Download / Chapter 4 / Using Mobile Learning to Enhance the Quality of Nursing Practice Education / Richard F. Kenny, Caroline Park, Jocelyne M. C. Van Neste-Kenny, Pamela A. Burton, and Jan Meiers

Download / Chapter 5 / Informal Learning Evidence in Online Communities of Mobile Device Enthusiasts / Gill Clough, Ann C. Jones, Patrick McAndrew, and Eileen Scanlon

Download / Chapter 6 / M-learning: Positioning Educators for a Mobile, Connected Future / Kristine Peters

PART THREE: Applications of Mobile Learning

Download / Chapter 7 / Practitioners as Innovators: Emergent Practice in Personal Mobile Teaching, Learning, Work, and Leisure / Agnes Kukulska-Hulme and John Pettit

Download / Chapter 8 / Design and Development of Multimedia Learning Objects for Mobile Phones / Claire Bradley, Richard Haynes, John Cook, Tom Boyle, and Carl Smith

Download / Chapter 9 / From E-learning to Mobile Learning: New Opportunities / Michelle Pieri and Davide Diamantini

Download / Chapter 10 / MobilED – Mobile Tools and Services Platform for Formal and Informal Learning / Merryl Ford and Teemu Leinonen

Download / Chapter 11 / Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of M-learning within an International Distance Education Programme / Jon Gregson and Dolf Jordaan

Download / Chapter 12 / Using Mobile Technologies for Multimedia Tours in a Traditional Museum Setting / Laura Naismith and M. Paul Smith

Download / Chapter 13 / Use of Mobile Technology for Teacher Training / Jocelyn Wishart

Download Conclusion / Download Glossary / Download Index

About the Editor

Mohamed Ally is a Professor in the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University, where he teaches and researches the educational uses of mobile technology, mobile libraries, and workplace learning. Dr. Ally is on the boards of the International Federation of Training & Development Organizations and the International Association of Mobile Learning.




The Second International m-Libraries Conference, held and sponsored by the University of British Columbia in conjunction with Athabasca University, The Open University and Thompson Rivers University, will be held June 23rd and 24th of 2009 at University of British Columbia's Vancouver campus.