Thursday, July 29, 2010

Searching OPAC* / WorldCat / Any Database >>>With<<< RSS Feed* ?


In addition to  to my interest in MashUps (and/or Readers) that allow one to Create A Cloud Tag From An RSS Feed >

RSS > TagCloud > 4 > CD : WebFeed-Based TagClouds For Collection Development > i-CD


I am also interest in any initiative implementation in which an RSS feed can be used o search an OPAC / WorldCat / Any Database in order to identify relevant items related to the topics of the RSS search results >

>>> That Is > The RSS Results Become A Search Strategy >>>

To further identity publications/information resources /etc. that might support an individual / departmental / institutional Current/Emerging Research Foci , I am interested in using RSS feeds from Dissertations & Theses @ Iowa State (D&T [At] ISU)


for the departments/subjects for which I have formal Collection Development responsibilities


As A Search Statement For Searching Select Databases >>>

> Search our local OPAC to identify the breath /currency of publications /etc. vis-à-vis the current/emerging research interest as represented by the D&T@ISU RSS search results

> Search Dissertations & Theses to identify relevant D&Ts from other colleges and universities

> Search WorldCat for any/all relevant publications/media/etc.

Another Scenario >>>

> Create an RSS feed for searches of key databases (e.g., Compendex, SciFinder, Web of Science for each of our departmental research faculty staff and search these (and others) for any/all potential relevant indexed content >>

Shall We Call This > Citation Searching On Steroids [:-)]

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BTW> As Some May Know A Few Years Ago I Was Obsessed With Web Feeds >>>

>>> RSS(sm): Rich Site Services

>>> Rich Site Services: Web Feeds for Extended Information and Library Services

>>> B-Feeds(sm): Web Feeds for Books and Monographs

>>> eFeeds(sm): Web Feeds from Electronic Journals

>>> The ABCs of RSS

>>>Seize The Feed: Web Feeds For Enhanced Government Information Services (Library Of Congress)

The New(s) That Comes to You: Web Feeds for Current Awareness

Web Feeds: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread!

BTW: Not Only Is Iowa The Home Of The First Digital Computer


But > “Otto Frederick Rohwedder of Davenport, Iowa, USA invented the first loaf-at-a-time bread-slicing machine.”


This Just In: Web Feeds for Enhanced Library Services,” Knowledge Quest 33, no. 3 (January/February 2005): 38-41.


But Gave Them Up For Lent [:->


Of Course I'd Access The Results In A TagCloud [:->]

e-JOY !


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