Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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In response to my recent post regarding a brief  > RSS Feeds For Collection Development / Instruction Services / Reference Services

Tod Colegrove, Ph.D., MSLIS,  recently-appointed head of the DeLaMare Library, University of Nevada, Reno [UNR],  I learned about a most progressive initiative he has undertaken >>> 

"I applaud your interest in this topic; IMO, a very powerful tool that can not only inform collection development, but also be leveraged for outreach. As the recently appointed head of the science and technology library on campus, I’ve found following the publications of faculty in associated departments to be tremendously useful.

You may be interested in a relatively trivial call that I’ve been using through the web api(documented) [for the JISC JournalTOCs service] that returns a browseable list of journal articles (as returned from a search of "the latest table of contents (TOCs) of 14,066 journals collected from 556 top publishers" ) specific to UNR authors. Depending on the browser used, can further drill down by category; for example: Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Engineering  ... [snip]"

Personal Communication > Posted w/Permission

With Regard To The > journalTOCs API Usage >

The API gives you access to our entire database of articles, journals and publishers, which is being updated and continually collected from the publishers' own TOC RSS feeds, as soon as they are published on the web.

The search results will come in RSS format, which can then be parsed and used in your own environment, RSS reader or the search results could be included in your own web page.




JournalsTOCS API Technical Documentation

This web page contains the technical documentation to use the JournalTOCs API. The API is important for developers that need to embed or mashup the JournalTOCs API search functionality with any web applications to make the most of the journal TOC RSS feeds metadata and to provide enriched information for end-users.

The JournalTOCs API consists of 4 calls:

 > Journals (documentation)
>> Articles (documentation)
>>> User (documentation)
>>>> Institution (documentation)



JournalTOCs API Blog


BTW > JournalTOCs is an initiative of the ICBL at Heriot-Watt University and is being managed by Santy Chumbe.


Tod welcomes communication with colleagues abou his project and similar efforts 


>>> Thanks Again, Tod <<<



zomba said...

Hi Gerry,

Thanks foor mentioning the JournalTOCs API. In fact, you've used a graphic from another project (ticTOCs) rather than JournalTOCs.

Understandable confusion between the two. I tried to explain the difference at http://roddymacleod.wordpress.com/2010/06/06/every-university-library-should-have-one-of-these-but-so-far-only-one-does/

GMcK said...

Roddy/ Ooooopppsss [:-)]; Now Corrected / Gerry