Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DeDup > Removal Of Duplicate E-Mail Postings > An Idea Who Time Has Come?

"Use The Difficulty!"

One of my favorite actors, Michael Caine, is attributed with a quote that has guided my career and life for the past several years >>>


“I was rehearsing a play, and there was a scene that went on before me, then I had to come in the door. They rehearsed the scene, and one of the actors had thrown a chair at the other one. It landed right in front of the door where I came in. I opened the door and then rather lamely, I said to the producer who was sitting out in the stalls,’Well, look, I can’t get in. There’s a chair in my way.’ He said,’Well, use the difficulty.’ So I said ‘What do you mean, use the difficulty?’ He said ‘Well, if it’s a drama, pick it up and smash it. If it’s a comedy, fall over it.’ This was a line for me for life: Always use the difficulty.

>>> I Believe That The Time Has Come To "Use The Difficulty" >>>

As many know, listservs and discussion e-lists have overlapping/ related scope >>> E.G. > IMHO >

Asis-l > General ASIS mail list & announcements

ASIS&T brings together diverse streams of knowledge, focusing what might be disparate approaches into novel solutions to common problems. ASIS&T bridges the gaps not only between disciplines but also between the research that drives and the practices that sustain new developments.

LITA-L is an unmediated on-line discussion group for those interested in all aspects of information technology, particularly as they apply to libraries and information services, to exchange information, ask questions, and post employment opportunities and other announcements. Anyone with an email address may subscribe.
The Web4Lib electronic discussion is for the discussion of issues relating to the creation, management, and support of library-based World-Wide Web servers, services, and applications.

As result, while some will subscribe only to what s/he considers *Most Relevant* to his / her personal / professional interests, others will subscribe to any / all that are considered relevant in order to be as fully aware of developments of actual or potential interest.

Observation > Some Have A Broad Perspective On Issues, Others Do Not.

As a result, those who subscribe to lists with related / similar scope will receive duplicate postings.

Although less common now [?],  with the explosion of listservs and other discussion e-lists beginning in the 1990s,  it was standard for a posting to have the heading  >>>

"Apologies For Duplicate Postings"

I later modified the header to state >>>

"Apologies For Receipt Of Duplicate Postings"

IMHO > Similar But Not Really >

I ceased including either heading at the recommendation of a well-respected information scientist a few years ago >>>

For many / some receiving duplicate postings is a major annoyance that only further overloads their Information Overload [:-)]

For  others, the 'Delete' is routinely used >> >

Some / others make use of the filtering functions in their respective e-mail system ...

Still others engage in personal / professional attacks ; criticisms of the poster  [:-(]  for posting on a discussion list  >>>

Aren't They 'Discussion' Lists? [:-)]

It has occurred to me that we have not significantly developed or lobbied for a DeDup function in e-mail services such that identical postings are either Blocked or Junked.

 BTW: As many know A DeDup or Remove Duplicate(s) function has been available in databases for many years, and has become even more importance in  Federated / Discovey services >>>

As a result of a non-exhautive Google search, I've several DeDup technologies >>>

> 1-Click Duplicate Delete


Deduper - Duplicate Remover for Microsoft® Outlook®


Duplicate Email Remover 2.15.3


IMHO: A DeDup Feature /Function Must / Should Be An Integral / Integrated Component Of All E-Mail Systems > Without Additional Cost !!!

Let The Lobbying Begin >>>  How About It ? Bill ; Eric ; Etc. >>> 


BTW> The Major Library-Related Listserv/ Discussion Services (ALA, IFLA, JISC, SLA, ETC.) Should Implement A DeDup Function ASAP >>>

IMHO > If Such A Function Currently Exists, It Should Be Widely Promoted >>>

BTW: ] I Did Do A Non-Exhaustive Search But Did Not Find Such A Function [?][

But ... It Could Be Me Or Our Recent Flood [:-(]

Let The Conservations Continue >>>

"Use The Difficulty" / The Time Has Come !!!


MRoberts said...

If your posts were discussions, or readable, I don't think people would mind anywhere near so much! Unfortunately, they are neither. many people are unable to delete your emails (although most people who are still on the lists do if they can) because they receive digests, in order to reduce the number of emails they receive. Many have simply unsubscribed from the lists because of your emails - as this happens, the lists become less and less useful and more people unsubscribe, since they're only getting your spam

You have been emailed by many people asking you to stop, but you seem to ignore this. I am now imploring in a public place - leave the discussion lists for discussions, and people who can write!

Mike said...

Gerry. The duplication is an irritation, yes. De-duping might help, who knows. But at the end of the day, these lists are about people, communicating.

You say this: "Aren't They 'Discussion' Lists? [:-)]"

This is the point you miss, so hugely. Your posts have nothing to do with "discussion". There is nothing two-way about your posts. They're PUSH, they're SHOUT, and what's more they're formatted in a (deliberately?) confusing way (as is your post here).

My advice? Lose the emoticons, the "special" formatting, be human, respond to some people in a personal way rather than like some kind of auto-gen-spam-bot, and maybe you'll get less complaints.

[I suspect this comment won't ever get to see the light of day, but that pretty much sums up how I see your attitude to social media. All push, no discussion.]

Anonymous said...


As a fairly (but decreasingly) frequent recipient of your messages, I tend to agree with MRoberts in that I have a hard time following your train of thought or, in many cases, seeing the relevance of your messages (without lots of thought or effort). But I defend your right to post them.

One suggestion--Tweet instead.

Anonymous said...

Gerry, you have been an annoyance for some time, and are now becoming a laughingstock. If you haven't searched Twitter for the hashtag "#slashgerry" please do so. Then think about it.

Don't stop for our sake. Stop for your own.

Anonymous said...

If I were your employer, I would wonder what - if any - work you get done during the day. There is NO reason to keep spamming the listervs! Good librarians are able to practice discernment and make judgment calls. From what I can tell, you have absolutely NO filter or way of determining the proper outlet for your commentary. To me, this just shows your age, and how out of touch you are. Please, please STOP. Keep your posts to your blog, twitter, or facebook.

Anonymous said...

I would also respectfully ask that you stop posting so frequently on all of the lists. I really enjoy the library listservs but I will have to stop subscribing to most of them -because everyday I have to deal with many multiple posts of the same message from you on these lists. I believe I have the right to follow commentary and discussion -and it saddens me that I can find no way to block just your name and so will have to abandon the lists entirely. I respectfully ask you that you stop posting on every list that I read-STS, Dig_Ref and many others. This is a friendly suggestion and a sentiment I know is shared by others.
There was a time when you were talking over and over about a presentation that you gave. What if all of us who give presentations routinely marketed those materials on all of the lists simultaneously? There would be hundreds of postings just about conference presentations. I am surprised that you don't consider such issues.
Your blog would be a great place to put all of your commentary, and then interested parties could subscribe. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.