Sunday, October 14, 2012

The (Mini) MOOCs Meet Info Lit ?


I am greatly interested in learning of any / all initiatives that link  *lecture capture* content to Info Lit initiatives.

Specifically, I am interested in learning about efforts that integrate lecture capture recordings within 

> A basic info lit class web page (ISU has a 1/2 semester required class titled "Library 160" in Blackboard Learn) []

> LibGuides (or other digital user guides) > The lecture capture recording would explain the use of the LibGuide

> Library presentations / seminars / workshop > As a substitute / supplement / review

I am *not* interested in multimedia per se in these InfoLit resources, but in lecture capture content that *explains* the resource to which it is linked.

As one would expect, there are number of lecture capture options

BTW: ISU uses Panopto []

BTW-1: Panopto integrates very well within Blackboard ...

Thanks for you assistance !


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