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What is Journal Selector?

The Journal Selector uses cutting-edge semantic technology to help you achieve publication success. Enter your abstract or sample text and the Journal Selector returns a list of journals that publish in related areas. You can refine your results based on the factors that matter to you, like publication frequency, Impact Factor or publishing model, including open access.

Who developed Journal Selector?

Journal Selector is developed by Edanz. They are recognized as the author-centric English editing company. They focus on providing a variety of services, free and paid for, to authors for whom English is not their first language. They aim to help these authors achieve their publication goals by giving them tools, helpful materials and training seminars to overcome barriers to publication.

Journal SelectorOne of the resource that they provided online is the Journal Selector, and other like materials (visit the Springer Author Academy developed by Edanz), and training seminars and workshops to authors who might not otherwise have access to the resources that are available in countries where English is the native language.

Their main success as an English editing service, and the level of success of their author outreach program, is measured by the extent of every author’s publication success

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