Thursday, November 7, 2013

Effective Strategies for Promoting Library Resources and Services to Distant Learners ?


I am greatly interested in learning "Effective Strategies for Promoting Library Resources and Services to Distant Learners." I reviewing the results of a recent survey of distant learning students with regard to their awareness of library resources and services I was quite dismayed that a significant percentage were not.

Note: Respondents learned about services and features from the survey.

Awareness of several key e-Library features was significantly low.

For such features as course reserve, ‘Ask Us’, interlibrary loan, databases, electronic journals, library research guides, the percentage of students who were not was more than 40%, with the latter over 50%.

BTW: I'm not in interested in creating resources and general services for distant learner per se, but in strategies for _promoting_ them:

For example : Use of social media, asynchronous/synchronous webinars, targeted communication by subject librarians, etc.

BTW: While I will be conducting a systematic literature and web review, I am also interested in learning of any / all publications / resources on the topic.

Note: I will be posting (other) strategies and relevant literature and web resources >  Stay Tuned ...

Thanks for your assistance !


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